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What is PER Waste Tire Plant?
The PER Waste Tire Plant is landmark technology that can treat mass amounts of used tires daily. The eco-friendly PER Waste Tire Plant operates with minimal discharge of harmful smoke or steam into the air, preventing further air pollution. The system also produces industrial oil by pyrolyzing or melting the input waste tires. The airtight drying process keeps the work environment clean and safe, while the low-temperature heating process produces quality by-products.

Economical and Environmental Benefits:
- Conserve 80% or more on energy costs
- Improved quality in by-products
- Increased production
- Increased profits through lower equipment costs, higher sales volume of by-products
- Automatic control allows for reduced operational costs
- Safety of equipment allows for reduced incidental expense
- Efficient disposal of waste tires
- Minimal steam emissions, other air pollutants non-existent
- Our technology allows environmentally friendly operation

Plant Overview:
- System: Full Pyrolysis Plant
- Production Cycle: Continuous 24 hour operation, continuous input of feedstock, continuous treatment
- Capacity: Treat 25 ton/day and about 3000 waste tires
- Energy Required for Operation: Self-generated
- Renewable Energy: Generated 45% of recycled oil, 12% of steel wire , and 2% of carbon black
- Pre-treatment: No need to shred


WTP Process

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