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PER Process
Structure of PER Plant
PER Plant extracts recycled oil by completely melting waste material and condensing produced gas with the application of indirect heat to waste material input.
High-temperature combustion heat input flowed into through the inlet of combustion heat is introduced to the front part of the above recycling furnace and part of it is circulated in the circulation tube of combustion heat and the rest of it is circulated by being flowed into the inside of the recycling room.
1. Inlet of waste fuel 10. Discharging screw
2. Cylinder 11. Transfer screw
3. Pusher 12. Inlet of combustion heat
4. Recycling room 13. Guidance pipe of combustion
5. Recycling furnace 14. Connecting device
6. Cutting rotary 15. Coupling
7. Circulation holes of
    combustion heat
16. Gas exhaust pipe
8. Floor plate 17. Condenser
9. Outlet of a residue
1. Waste crusher/sorter
- Pneumatic waste crusher
- Crush into 30cm
- Screening of rock or sand by rotation
- Screening of iron with a magnet
2. Transfer conveyor
- Transfer of waste in quantity
- Feedback of excess transfer
- Compression transfer to the inside of pyrolysis furnace
- Distributed input into multiple inlets
3. Pyrolyzer
- Composed of heat source supply apparatus and screw unit
- Large molecules simplified into smaller molecules
- Change in molecular structure of feedstock
4. Gas conduction apparatus/compressor
-Transfer of generated gas to the condenser
-Cooling condensation of gas in the condenser
-Recycled oil (converted)
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