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The PER technology treats waste materials by indirectly applying heat (without oxygen) to various high molecule materials such as thermoplastics, waste tires, synthetic fibers, vinyl, and rubber. Chemical endothermic reaction takes place as carbon chains in the high molecule materials are broken down to lower molecular weight, decomposing them to carbonized hydrogen chemical compounds. At the end of the cycle, liquefied recycled oil similar to gasoline is produced.

Renewable oil from the PER plant operates the boiler, which produces high temperature steam for the turbine to generate power. Generated heat is used to regulate temperature for residential homes through heat exchangers and freezers.

PER Cogeneration Plant (Power and Steam Generator)
Patent right granted November 2008 for both Cogeneration and PER Technology.
Generates STEAM through PER PLANT and POWER through TURBINE

PER Specialized Plant
Food Waste Processor
When food waste exceeds 50% of the waste feedstock collected from homes and restaurants, the Food Waste Processor is used. The food waste material is treated in the pyrolysis furnace by applying high-temperatures. This system has a higher efficiency of heat transfer from the burner to the pyrolysis furnace

Oil-Sand Processor
The PER process also treats oil-sands by indirectly applying heat, while extracting crude oil. Endothermic reactions convert oil-sands to create usable, sellable crude oil.

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