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PER Technology
Understanding PER technology
As petroleum exhaust emerged along with the oil shack in the early 1970s, researchers began to recover gas and oil from the waste-a staple of the PER process. With rising oil prices and environmental pollution generated during standard incineration, eco-friendly PER technology is receiving renewed attention.
What is the PER plant?
The PER plant is a landmark waste treatment facility that treats over 100 tons of waste per day. All incoming waste, regardless of type or origin, becomes crushed and shredded from its original form and passed into the pyrolysis furnace, which finally converts the processed waste into recycled fuel.
Advantage of PER Plant
Contents Incineration (Stoka) PER Plant Remarks
Energy Recovery Byproduct heat can be reused as energy No need to sort waste : 20 - 35 % of waste recycled to oil Calorific Energy: 10,880 Kcal (Crude oil: 10,750 Kcal)
Sludge 16 - 25 % of sludge transferred to landfills 5 - 8 % of remaining sludge can be used as coal Calorific Energy: 8,335 Kcal (Soft coal: 7,000 Kcal)
Smoke Reduction Facility Necessary Unnecessary
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