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To take on the challenges of today's water treatment needs, Korea Ceramic and The Korea Institute of Science and Technology collaborated in the summer of 2004 to create the KIST Flotation Wastewater System. With the advantage of temporal and monetary efficiency, this system is the sensible solution for our growing need for clean water. This system will save time and money, all the while protecting the welfare of our planet.

Some statistics for the skeptical. The current system of wastewater treatment takes 6 to 11 hours to finish its process. The Floatation system takes 1 hour to finish its process. The current system of wastewater treatment costs 30 cents per ton of treated water, whereas the Flotation Wastewater System costs 15 cents. The current system takes up 3 times more space than the system. PER is providing a solution that is two times more efficient. For half the price.
Equipment of Air Bubble Generation by Ceramic Filter
Pipe Type Membrane
Pipe Type Membrane
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Disk Type Membrane
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