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At PER (Pyrolysis Energy Recovery), we are dedicated to serve the world as the exclusive provider of cutting edge and newly patented technologies that are unparalleled in waste processing capabilities. These eco-friendly technologies, used to dispose residential and commercial waste with virtually no emissions, were awarded the Environmental Grand Prize from the Ministry of Environments, Republic of Korea.

PER uses one-of-a-kind facilities that can safely dispose residential, commercial, and industrial toxic wastes--regardless of classification--in mass amounts. When the waste is processed, the facilities extract resources that can be used as recycled crude oil. Imagine the possibilities...

Global warming is no longer a regional issue, but an international concern. In compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, every country is kept under constant vigil--monitored 24 hours a day--for carbon dioxide (CO2) discharge via satellites. Furthermore, Green Technology is becoming a priority in the agendas of global leaders.

Give us a chance and leave the world's waste disposal issues to us. Using our cutting-edge technologies, we will be committed in fighting for a cleaner Earth for all of humanity.

Thank you

Mathias Lee

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