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Global warming is a serious concern in today's economy and society. It is imperative for the international community to recognize and be conscious of the repercussions caused by the collective influence of humanity and the proliferation of industry and technology.

The effects of global warming have recently initiated the rapid extinction of the glaciers at the North and South Poles. With rising ocean waters and the existing unpredictability of El Nino, our planet has been presented with a strange climate-causing an unprecedented era of weather-related calamities.

Nowadays, many countries in the world are completing the transition into a highly industrialized society with a modern standard of living.
However, the trade-off for convenience often results in injury to something else-in this case, our planet Earth. The intemperate consumption hese nations pursue to fuel their economies has brought an inundation of garbage and waste.

It is a serious problem when greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, and nitrous oxide, produced by current methods of waste treatment, exacerbate the growing threat of global warming. In order to mitigate this threat, pyrolysis, a modern waste treatment process, was developed in 1980 to create a cleaner, greener method of garbage disposal. To this day, facilities that utilize pyrolysis have been successfully established in several countries throughout the world without any environmental disasters.

We herewith declare that our facilities that implement the method of pyrolytic energy recovery (PER) treatment are used without any distinguishment between residential, commercial, and industrial wastes. Our company's facilities are the only ones in the world that do so.

The abilities of our facilities achieve the following:
    1) The waste is extinguished without any environmental disasters by the pyrolysis equipment.

    2) The equipment is operated by recycled heat energy, produced from the pyrolysis equipment, for the treatment of waste without any need for additional energy.

    3) The waste of petrochemical industries is converted to oil and used as refined oil energy.

    4) In comparison with other incineration equipment for industrial waste, the cost for the construction of our equipment is half the expenditure, and the operation costs are reduced enormously by the recycling of heat energy.
As mentioned above,

I recommend our revolutionary PER facilities with these new techniques, and I hope you will be interested in our waste treatment facilities by pyrolysis.

PER North America, LLC

Dong Sung Lee

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