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Providing a new method, a new state of mind, and a new environmental standard.
Over the centuries, garbage has been inefficiently processed, water has been mistreated, and used tires have piled up. As a company, we strive to provide a solution--to harness all potential energy. We're here to change minds.

PER envisions to provide communities with a clean and beautiful environment through the use of cutting-edge technology while preserving valuable resources for future generations. We are dedicated to bringing change through perseverance, responsibility, honesty. PER North America builds trust upon confidence, respect, and cooperation with local communities and governments. We are an innovative company, designed for and dedicated to making a cleaner environment.

PER North America's philosophy is to advocate environmental improvement for future generations through environmentally responsible technologies. PER North America upholds this philosophy by managing and promoting national competitiveness and business development by providing unprecedented technologies and training quality personnel who can contribute to business development through information management.


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